Beyond the Veil - CD and Download

I am intrigued by the mystery of what lies just behind the gossamer thin veil separating here and whatever else might be. Maybe a peep through that veil would reveal the laughter, lament and lullaby that makes up the fullness of the tapestry of Celtic harp music.”

— Beyond the Veil

Journey - Celtic Harp Reflections - CD and Download

Journey with Celtic harp to a peace-filled place of stillness where music lingers. Deeply rooted in the gentler Celtic tradition, Cath's meditative music kindles serenity”

— Journey



Our music dwells on the Celtic threshold and exists in the space of the in-between. Liminality's fourth album showcases a development with the addition of keyboards, vocals and music which reflects both traditional Celtic and European influences. Enjoy...

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Angels We Have Heard - CD and Download

Christmas summons in us a deep yearning to focus on things that are truly important; family and friends, memories and experiences shared. It's an invitation to journey into an inner place of silence. This album is part of that journey. It is offered in the spirit of reflection.”

— Angels We Have Heard

Invocation CD and download

An offering. Calling upon a higher being, summoning energies from outside. It is giving of oneself as a gift. Ultimately, this album is our offering to the listener, an invitation to consider our music as the instrument of a journey into a liminal place.”

— Invocation

Song Line - Thin Place CD and Download

The Aboriginal concept of the song line has several meanings. Connectedness and the gathering of experience and knowledge from the spirits of our ancestors by travelling special physical paths and singing the country. Thin Place is the Celtic idea of certain times, places and experiences such as death, sacred sites and deep friendships, where the veil between the here and the hereafter appears so thin that you can almost reach out and touch the other side.”

— Song Line - Thin Place