Handbook of Hope. 

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Cath recently published her Handbook of Hope, a practical entry point into exploring a world beyond despair. The chapters in this handbook cover a broad range of topics, from changing agricultural practices, mental health issues, living a life of radical simplicity to how our indigenous sisters and brothers have been able to maintain hope despite all that they have experienced. 

Each chapter begins by asking you to reflect on the main ideas that are relevant to the particular topic. You will then find two or more case studies of actual stories where people have reached beyond despair and found new ways of thinking, new ways of being and some questions for reflection. 

Work with this handbook alone or maybe form a small discussion group. You will find here the material you need to explore our emerging stories, to begin telling your own stories, to find a reason to hope.  

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Beyond the Veil - CD and Download

I am intrigued by the mystery of what lies just behind the gossamer thin veil separating here and whatever else might be. Maybe a peep through that veil would reveal the laughter, lament and lullaby that makes up the fullness of the tapestry of Celtic harp music.”

— Beyond the Veil

Journey - Celtic Harp Reflections - CD and Download