‘Spiritual director, retreat leader and one of the world’s finest Celtic harpers. Cath’s music sits in that liminal space where music meets spirituality.’ 

My bio: 

Dr Cath Connelly has been playing the Celtic harp professionally since 1998. These days Cath is very much in demand for concerts, conferences and workshops throughout Australia and across the globe. Cath has performed numerous times in Ireland as well as in England, Spain, New Zealand and across the East Coast of USA. 

Over the past several years, Cath has produced six gorgeous albums, composing and arranging her own harp music as part of a rich, collaborative process with Greg Hunt and Jules Vines along with other skilled and sensitive musicians. 

She is well known for performances that invite audiences to engage in quiet reflection and a deeper sense of being. In true Celtic fashion, Cath also incorporates storytelling into engaging concerts that span Irish folklore, Celtic tradition, music and spirituality. Her music is deeply grounded in the Celtic tradition, with its potential to dwell in that liminal space between the known and the unknown. It is here that Cath’s music melds contemporary spiritualty with the ancient Celtic harp tradition. 

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Cath's albums:

Two solo albums sit beautifully in Cath's catalogue of musical offerings. Journey was created with the intention of providing reflective, contemplative music to accompany a mediation or times when a quiet offering is needed. The album contains several of Cath's most popular compositions. In contrast, Beyond the Veil is a mixture of both lively and more reflective tunes. At times, Cath accompanies herself on this album, bringing the effect of performing harp duets.

In 2004 Cath released her first album, Song Line, Thin Place. This CD - in collaboration with Greg Hunt on fiddle and mandolin - is a hauntingly beautiful collection of traditional and original Celtic arrangements.  Maybe the best description of this album is 'music on the Celtic threshold.'

In 2006 Cath and Greg re-named themselves Liminality, and in 2007 released their second album, Invocation. Cath and Greg agree that this CD has taken their collaboration to another level - even more sublime than the last one !

2008 saw the release Liminality's third album, Angels We Have Heard. This Christmas Album provides the soothing balm that is often needed at this frantic time of year.

 In 2017 Jules Vines joined us as we launched our Liminality album, RiverMead. 

And then there's Brigid's Mantle. This final album of the Liminality trio offers a depth of creativity that takes the Celtic lover on a journey to the musical depths of this tradition.