Spirituality is about seeking a meaningful relationship with something bigger than ourselves. At the same time, spirituality recognises that we need to be increasingly aware of our own self so that we come to know ever more fully who we are as a reflection of the Divine. Spirituality means knowing that our lives have significance beyond a mundane, everyday existence. It is about being caught up in an appreciation of the ultimate mystery that is life. 

I love facilitating retreats, workshops and seminars on spirituality! During these retreats there is input, time for quiet reflection, creative ways to explore the topic, harp music, hopefully comfortable beds and always good food. I am usually invited to come to a place set in a natural environment, the beauty of which enters our retreat time and space. Yes, I always bring the Celtic harp… 

Combining my love of both Celtic music and spirituality, some of the topics I have been invited to lead retreats on include:   

Hope Beyond a Disintegrating World 
Being Good Ancestors of the Future 
Celtic Spirituality 
Being Present to Presence 
The Divine Feminine 
Brigid, Goddess and Saint 
Hildegard of Bingen 
Life as Pilgrimage 
Thin Places – Reaching for the Divine 

Retreats and workshops are always tailored to suit the needs and interests of the group that invites me into your space. Let me know about your specific community… 

For more details, contact me here.

Spiritual direction

Spiritual direction is a time-honoured discipline for all those who seek companionship as a means of enriching their life’s journey. It is where rich conversation is had about an individual’s human thirst, longing, meaning and direction in life. As a qualified spiritual director, I have had the honour of being part of this ministry for many years. 

Let me tell you about the Living Well Centre for Christian Spirituality, of which I am the co-director. 

Our main activities are: 

To offer Spiritual Direction for individuals 
To provide a four-year formation program for those aspiring to, or currently involved in the ministry of spiritual direction 
To offer ongoing formation for those involved in spiritual direction 
To provide supervision groups for those engaged in spiritual direction practice 
To offer retreats, workshops and quiet days. 

More information about our program can be found here

Living Well Centre  www.livingwellcentre.org.au